Four people playing brass/woodwind instruments, with a guitarist, bass guitarist and drummer in the background.
Students playing in the student concert

People normally start arriving on the Friday (or Thursday for the Long Weekend Course in January) about 6.00pm. Dinner is at 7pm, after which there is a session, with instrumentalists in groups, and the singers in a group with the vocal tutor. After this, the jam session begins and goes on until the early hours.

The timetable for the weekend is relaxed and informal, but a typical Saturday will be arranged with approximately the following timings:

8.00am Breakfast
9.15am Instrumentalists divide into groups. Vocalists are in their own group with the vocal tutor.

There are then two sessions each of an hour and a half, with a break for coffee

1pm Lunch
2.30pm–6.00pm There are two more sessions
7.00pm Dinner
8.00pm A short concert given by the Tutors
9.00pm The Jam Session begins, and anyone can join in

The Sunday timetable follows a similar format during the morning. At 2.00pm there is a Student concert, where each instrumental group and the vocalists showcase some of the material they have worked on during the weekend. Family and friends are very welcome to come along and watch the concert.