So what goes on in the sessions? It depends on which tutors are there, and the mix of students, but typically they are like this:

  • Martin likes to work with arrangements of tunes, so there’s quite a bit of reading, and working on the heads.
  • Bert and Jeremy like to work on repertoire and playing by ear. They always gets the best out of the students.
  • Josh* likes to work on a more modern repertoire. Sometimes he does funky numbers. There’ll be work on how to approach the music, and on feel and groove.
  • Ruth takes the vocalists, and they work through numbers that they’ve brought along. Sometimes there’ll be a small rhythm section. And sometimes the singers will go in with the instrumentalists’ groups.

*Not always full time on the course.

It’s up to you which group to join, and you can always move between groups whenever you feel like it.