Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to bring? You’ll need your instruments and a music stand. There is one piano, so if you’re a keyboard player you probably need to bring a keyboard and amp. Guitarists and bassists will need amps, but vocalists probably only need to bring a mic. Towels are no longer provided by the centre, so bring one. Some people bring bottles of wine to drink with the meals. Nearby shops are very limited and there’s no bar so you might want to bring your own beer too. There’s a fridge to keep the booze cold.

I can’t get to Grafham by the specified time. What can I do? Let the centre know what time you’ll turn up and they will keep a meal warm for you.

I’m a beginner and I’m intimidated. Will I enjoy myself? Absolute beginners are going to struggle. You need to have some level of playing ability, even if you’ve never looked at jazz before. But given that, the course is very encouraging, and there’s scope for all levels on the course.

I’ve booked on the Short Weekend. Can I turn up early? By all means turn up early but please don’t eat any meals or join in any sessions before 6pm. You may be welcome to sit and watch the sessions, but please ask the tutor first.

Who runs this course? The course is run by the Grafham Water Centre, which is primarily a sail training school for kids. The people at the centre take bookings and deal with everything to do with accommodation and food. The tutors are responsible for the content of the course and the timetable.

My question isn’t on this list. What do I do? Send your question to and we’ll answer it.